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Top 15 Personal Finance Instagram Accounts to Follow in 2022

By Kirthana Devaser

If you are looking for financial advice  at the tip of your fingers without going out of your way to look for it, this guide is for you! Here’s a list of the top 15 personal finance Instagram accounts in the UK to follow. These accounts cover a wide range of topics across personal finance and their positive vibes are sure to get you motivated to start taking control of your finances today. Let’s get started:

Savvy Wallet

First up, we have Savvy Wallet. This account was founded and created by Ato. The platform is aimed at individuals looking to build their wealth and money mindset.

savvy wallet

Ato has a podcast series called The Take Off and has been featured in Nova Money’s Podcast Series, The Nova Money Mindset. You can find a link to the episode here. Check out his account - his content will get you on top of your game 👌

Looking After Your Pennies

A former teacher and coach, Looking After Your Pennies is an eco-friendly personal finance account. Charlotte, who manages the blog and Instagram account writes on a variety of topics including the frugal lifestyle, eco-friendly living, money-making ideas and generally how to make your money go further.

looking after your pennies

Her aim is to help you create your money success story whether you need to embrace a frugal lifestyle or start your own business all whilst looking out for the environment! That’s a win-win right there.

All Things Money

All Things Money was founded and created by Ola. The platform is aimed at providing some of the financial tools needed to help navigate the adulting world.

If you are looking for more insights on mortgages, money-saving tips and general breakdown of financial jargon, this is the account for you.


Mamafurfur is run by Jen who is a working mum in the fast-paced IT industry.  Her personal passion is to help others manage their money like any other relationship in their lives, and create a life of financial and time freedom.

With a following of over 11.6k on Instagram, she talks about investing, money and shares motivation to help people achieve their financial goals. If you like motivation and neat tricks to stay financially aware, this account is for you.

Making Money Simple

Making Money Simple is all about spreading financial education in an easy to understand and jargon free way! School doesn’t teach us enough when it comes to financial literacy; Making Money Simple has taken matters into his own hands to correct this and educate us all on the best ways to keep financially literate whilst learning the ins and outs of investing.

If you enjoy video content, hilarious memes and simple to understand information, this account is for you.

Her Financial Edit

Her Financial Edit is an account created by Fernanda. Fernanda has dealt with being in debt herself and proudly became debt-free in September 2020.

Her Instagram and Youtube channel documents her story but is also aimed to help people take control of their money. She focuses on building wealth through investing and has an E-book about retirement planning.

Nova Money

Nova is an accountant dedicated to educating and helping millennials set and prioritise their financial goals.

nova money

From data-driven infographics to informative money saving tips, a weekly podcast and possibly the best money memes on Instagram! Nova is also a very active and interactive account - feel free to drop your concerns or financial questions and the team will be most willing to help you out with your concerns.

Millennial Money UK

Millennial Money UK was created to help millennials better understand money and personal finance. Similar to Making Money Simple, Millennial Money aims to simplify financial concepts to increase one’s financial literacy to help you attain financial independence.

Check out the channel if you are looking for content relevant to your stage in life. This channel caters to all millennials from different walks of life.

Charlotte Musha

Charlotte Musha is a multi-faceted personal finance and lifestyle platform which offers advice on how to tackle debt and take control of your money without it being boring. You can still have a life, have fun, get out of debt AND ultimately become a millionaire without being a bore!

Charlotte believes that anyone can turn their financial situation around, whether you are in a ton of debt or just need to reign in your spending and build wealth. Check this page out.

Skilled Finances

Run by couple Thando and Lindie, Skilled Finances is aimed at helping couples work together financially to build their financial life together. They help you break down financial concepts so you can manage your finances and reach your financial goals!

Their mission is to inspire young families to live on purpose and leave a legacy. Check them out.

Women About Finance

Women About Finance is a page created to empower women to become financially independent.

The page provides guidance, shares knowledge and creates a space where women feel comfortable to have open discussions about their financial journeys. It’s such a great movement, please check it out.

The Money Fox

Founded by Francesca, The Money Fox page is aimed at helping women learn how to use money as a tool to have a great life! This means budgeting, side hustles, paying off debt, the psychology behind money, and building wealth.

If this sounds like something you want to be a part of, click that Follow button now.

Money Medics

Money Medics is big on sharing stories and starting conversations about money. This page is all about money management for the digital era. They cover topics from the ethnic pay gap to lockdown budgeting, but they also teach ways to turn challenges into opportunities and avoid common financial missteps.

If you like engagement and a more neutral aesthetic, this page is for you.

Get Woke Not Broke

Get Woke Not Broke is as cool as it sounds. This account keeps it real and talks about all the things you are too afraid to ask about finance.

This account is run by Holly, who aims to help you by sharing the tips and tricks she has learnt along her very own financial journey. Check it out.

Fempire Finance

Similar to Women About Finance, Fempire Finance is aimed at creating a community of women talking money. It’s a personal finance education page without all the financial jargon that can be intimidating.

They provide daily posts to change money mindsets and provide useful personal finance hacks as we go along. What are you waitin’ for ladies? Hit that** Follow** button.

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