Don’t just set financial goals, see what it takes to reach them

Nova tells you when you can afford your goals, and what spending behaviours you need to adopt in order to succeed.

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We created Nova to help you feel in control of your finances

From dreaming of your future house, to clearing off debts, or preparing for financial independence, we all have our personal ambitions. What is yours?


Keeping your information safe is our priority


“Working for the largest Swiss bank taught me the importance of customer privacy.”

Sam Abrika
Nova Money CEO

“Working for the largest Swiss bank taught me the importance of customer privacy.”

We built Nova to help you be in control of your finances.

Like many personal finance apps, we use Open Banking to aggregate your accounts in one place. Unlike many of them:

  • We don’t sell your data
  • We don’t advertise
  • We don’t give 2% discount to make you spend more

In case you’re wondering, we make money through all our users who upgrade the AI of Nova.


Account Protection Secure and Encrypted

We’re registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) - the same authority that regulates UK banks and we use the highest standard of encryption.

FCA registered (#923683)

Data Protection registered (#ZA543319)

Open Banking certified

256-bit encryption

Read more about our security policy
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Thousands of people are regaining control of their future

Here are some of our 5 stars reviews

Really good app! It categorises my spending better than any banking app I’ve used before, and the goal setter is perfect as I now know how much I need to save each month to buy my new car. I even enjoyed creating my avatar, cool feature 😄
If you’re like me and you don’t check your list of direct debits, download the app. It helped me save like £80 of old direct debits.
I see a couple of reviews about support, shout out to whoever runs it, because you reply super quickly. Thanks! 👍
This really helped me reduce my impulse spending and actually track my finance.
I thought I was saving money on the vaults on Revolut, but Nova has shown me my real spending.
Amazon hates Nova cause I don’t shop out of boredom on it anymore. Thanks Nova! 
I love love love this app! Such a good idea to help with good spending habits in a fun way and the interface is really slick too. Definitely recommend!
Fantastic app, really helps me with my finances. Well done guys!
Nicely designed app, an interesting way of making saving money fun.
Thank you for your kind words and support. We are delighted to have you with us! We will do our best to continue satisfying you with our service. Best regards, Team Nova Money
Great way to inspire me to save money. The AI is like a coach and helps to keep me motivated.
Wish I had installed this app sooner, I’ve saved loads since using it this year.
Really good app for consolidating all your bank accounts and credit cards into one place 👍
Have used Nova for a while now and I love it. The app gives me a clear view of all my finances!
Best way to keep to my new year’s resolution. Looking to see more features.
Nova roasted me and forced me to stop spending as much on impulse buys. Thanks!
Used to be obsessed with money dashboard, but since using Nova, I am absolutely devoted to this money saving app! Kudos to the developers!!
Love this app! Daily notifications really help you keep on top of your cash... And they make me chuckle too!
Innovative App. Makes tracking your savings target and expenditure fun.
Love the AI! The assistant rest helps to navigate through the application! Very nice app. I love how it tells variable apart from recurring actions and gives you achievable weekly goals. I just wish to see more features and more banks available soon.
My other banking apps are slow and difficult to use. So it’s great to finally have this! It’s actually a fun cash coach. Recommended to all.
Yes, really interesting app! I’ve been playing with it for a few days now, and it gave me already a few tips to save money. Clever graphic and AI! Really well done!

Time is money.
Download the app now and start your journey to financial success!

4.4 Stars
4.6 Stars

Build your financial freedom with Nova

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4.4 Stars
4.6 Stars
Nova Money (former Cash Coach)