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Millenial Corona-nomics: Best Career Opportunities after COVID

By Lulu Meade

For those of you who have read the last post on unemployment amongst young people, or those who are living through that tough reality at the moment, I wanted to take this opportunity to point out some opportunities that are still out there.

The last few months have thrown us all off-kilter, there have certainly been times where it feels as though the entire world is upside down! Especially for young people, the financial reality of this pandemic is brutal but there are still some employment opportunities out there, and in this article I want to highlight those industries that have not only survived, but thrived in these trying times (please grant me some kudos there for not saying ‘ex).

What industries are hiring?

Although there have been significant casualties across some sectors, notably hospitality and tourism, there are some cases of industries that are doing more than just surviving. As their demand grows, so too do their recruitment opportunities!

In many cases, it’s pretty unsurprising which industries are surviving and even growing throughout this pandemic. Just think about how your own lifestyle has changed, what products you’re now using more of and how you’re spending your time. Here are a few examples:

  • As WFH has become the new normal, there’s been a surge in demand for tech support and cyber security services. Businesses are predicted to spend $12.6 billion on cyber security services by 2023, more than double that of 2018, a growth that has only been expedited by the pandemic.
  • Kids are in the same position, and as parents adjust to their children studying from home far more than usual, there’s been a growth in e-learning and virtual tutoring services
  • With limited access to activities outside of our homes, there has been an increased interest in gaming and streaming services. Just remember the animal crossing craze back in March- they sold almost 12 million copies in the first 11 days after release.
  • Supermarkets have always been an essential industry but the panic at the start of the pandemic really brought to light just how important the weekly shop is. There are a range of opportunities here, not just on the shop floor but also more corporate positions- think supply chain logistics, for example. There has been a growth in hiring here not just because of a boom in demand for home delivery, with Morrisons hiring a further 20,000 staff, but also to ensure there are enough staff to cover for those who are sick or isolating.
  • Delivery services have also understandably grown over the last 6 months as online shopping has become essential to many. Since the start of the pandemic, Amazon have opened 15,000 new full and part time roles, and delivery service Hermes has similarly opened a further 10,000.

That isn’t a comprehensive list, but the point is that as our lives have changed, so has our demand for services. Although there has been a reduction in opportunities across many sectors, many organisations in these industries have increased recruitment opportunities.

Online Jobs

Remote Jobs and Working Abroad

Around the world, workers have been encouraged to work from home as much as possible. The UK government has recently come out and recommended that all those who can work from home should- for the next 6 month. Remote working may be starting to lose its novelty for some, but there is some undeniable flexibility.

The first thing to consider is the double-edged sword of the globalised work environment:

  • You have access to job opportunities all over the world: You can work on projects from anywhere in the world, right from your kitchen table. It may seem obvious, but don’t feel limited to apply for jobs solely in your local area- many companies are planning to continue working from home long then the government advises, some even permanently. Take advantage of that!

  • You are competing against people all over the world: The obvious caveat to all these opportunities is increased competition from all over the world. The competition can be tough and as our previous post on employment details, many people are struggling.

Increased opportunities like this can be a chance to thrive for some- especially those who are more skilled with border experiences. For the rest of us though, it can make the job hunt tougher. The best way to rise to the occasion here is to work on your skills- hone your art! If that means more studying, check out the host of free online courses available. If that means building up a portfolio, start an Instagram account. Give yourself the best chance possible to take advantage of this new way of working.

employment opportunities

Government Kickstart Scheme

In light of the challenges facing young people, the government announced a Kickstart scheme in July, designed to create placements for unemployed young people. These six-month work placements are designed to help young people gain skills and experience- and the employers will be paid £1500 for each person they train. To be eligible, you must be between 16-24 years old and be claiming Universal Credit. A six-month placement is not a long-term solution, but it could be a valuable stepping stone for further opportunities.

We know these subjects can have negative effects on your mental health. As such, we invite you to read our blog about dealing with financial stress and managing your mental health.

In uncertain times it’s more important than ever to get your finances under control. If you’re looking for better ways to monitor your bills and spending and take control of your budgeting check out the free Nova app.

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