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How to Cancel Talktalk

By Lulu Meade

If you’re thinking about changing providers and want to cancel your TalkTalk contracts, we’re here to give you all the information you need! For information on how to cancel, early-termination charges and what to do with your router, check out this post.


How to cancel your contract

If you’re cancelling your contract and not moving to another provider, or not moving to an openreach network, then the best way to cancel your TalkTalk contract is by phone. You can do this by riginging them on 0345 172 0046 but make sure you have your account details accessible.

It’s best not to cancel your recurring payment before your final bill has been paid, not only to ensure you aren’t chased for any unpaid bills but also to allow any reimbursement for overpaid services.

Moving to an Openreach network

If you’re switching from TalkTalk to another provider with Openreach then cancelling your TalkTalk services is incredibly easy. Your new provider will essentially do it for you, all you have to do to select your new package and sign up with your new provider.

What is an Openreach network?

Openreach is owned by BT and runs phone-line based broadband services in the UK. Openreach is used by TalkTalk as well as BT, Sky, Plusnet and more, which is why it is so easy to switch between them.

termination charges

Early termination charges

If you’re cancelling your TalkTalk service before the contract end date, then you’re going to have to pay early termination charges. If you’re not sure of your contract end date, you can find it on the TalkTalk website by clicking ‘My Account’ and then selecting ‘My Package’. That fee is going to be higher the more months you have left on your contract, so if you are looking at moving to another provider, make sure to factor these costs into your budget evaluation! You can see a full breakdown of early termination fees here, but put simply the charge is calculated

based on the number of months remaining on your contract multiplied by a set charge per service, which ranges from £10.20 to £19.20.

How to cancel without early termination charges

The obvious answer here is to try and change providers at the end of your contract, but there could be savings to be had even with these early termination charges, so make sure you do the maths first. You are also able to cancel TalkTalk services within the first 20 days of your order date, although we realise it’s unlikely many of you are in that position!

Returning Equipment

When cancelling your TalkTalk services, they ask that you return some equipment within 42 days of cancellation, or else you may be charged a £50 fee. The only equipment you need to worry about returning are Wifi routers and TV boxes and these items can be returned free of charge a number of ways, including via Royal Mail and Hermes (see full details here).

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