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How to Cancel NOW TV Subscription

By Sophie Campion

How to cancel your NOW TV subscription step by step

If you’re looking to unsubcribe from Now TV, cancel with ease by following the steps in this guide. Firstly, sign in to your NOW TV account

  1. Select the Passes & Vouchers section either at the top of the menu or in the “your passes” section in the bottom right
cancelling now tv
  1. Choose the pass you want to cancel, then select Cancel Pass.
now tv cancellation
  1. Choose your reason for cancellation
  2. They will try and convince you to stay, just select ‘I Still Want to Cancel’.
  3. You should then see a confirmation of your cancellation of the pass you bought
now tv cancel

This is not the only way to cancel your Now TV subscription, you can cancel via phone: 0800500212. You can also cancel via email, simply request a cancellation when you email them.

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