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One-Step Guide on How to Cancel Your EE Contract

By Lulu Meade

Changing your phone contract can feel like a pain, but it’s an option worth exploring when there are so many deals out there that could save you money. In this article, we’ll give you the low down on moving from EE. Fair warning, there are a few acronyms coming your way…

To cancel your contract and move to a new provider you’re going to need one of two things, a PAC or a STAC. They’re easy enough to get from EE and once you give them to your new provider you should be set up within one working day! The difference depends on whether or not you want to keep your number- read on to figure out your next steps!

I want to keep my phone number the same!

If you want to keep your phone number the same, understandable for those who have spent the last two years learning their number by heart (… just me?), then you need to get your hands on a magical thing called a PAC. A PAC or porting authorisation code is a combination of letters and numbers, used as an identifier that lets you retain your number when you swap operators.

There are a few ways to get your PAC when leaving EE. In 2019 text-to-switch was introduced, allowing you to get your code via text by messaging ‘PAC’ to 65075.

To get your code online, you’ll need to log in to your My EE account, click on ‘Menu’, ‘Account settings’ and then ‘Leave EE’.

If you fancy going old-school you can also get your code over the phone by calling 150 from an EE mobile or call 07953 966 250.

How to cancel ee contract

I fancy a new phone number

For those of you with better memories than me who are happy to get a new number, you won’t need a PAC. Instead, STACs (Service Termination Authorisation Codes) are for you!

To get your STAC code by text, message ‘STAC’ to 75075. To get your code online, you’ll need to log in to your My EE account, click on ‘Menu’, ‘Account settings’ and then ‘Leave EE’.

To get your code over the phone, call 150 from an EE mobile or else dial 07953 966 250.

Early cancellation charges from EE

If you’re leaving before your contract ends, you’ll need to pay an ETC (early termination charge). The ETC is the sum of all agreed tariff charges minus VAT for the rest of your minimum term, and EE will discount that a further 4%. Details of any ETCs should come with your PAC or STAC.

I’m not moving to a new provider

Strange though it may seem, cancelling your contract and not moving to another provider is the most tedious option. It has to be done over the phone (call 150 from an EE mobile or else dial 07953 966 250) and there’s a 30-day notice period. This means that during those 30 days you must continue paying your usual fees.

Your Last EE Bill

Only after you’ve sorted your PAC or STAC can you get your final bill from EE, and this should come over in the post- even if you usually receive bills digitally.

Advice: Compare Phone plans

Once you’ve made the decision to leave your current network, make sure you shop around for your new phone plan! There are loads of opportunities to save some cash on your phone- don’t always go straight to the major networks!

Early cancellation for ee contract

Hopefully, that’s answered your questions on switching your contract from EE! It’s always worth shopping around for better deals, especially when you’re trying to be responsible with your finances.

If you’re looking for better ways to monitor your bills, spending and take control of your budgeting check out the free Nova app. Start your financial journey now!

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