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How to Cancel Disney Plus?

By Lulu Meade

Looking to cancel your Disney + subscription? Whether you’re in the middle of a personal spending review or have just realised you haven’t opened your Disney + account since Hamilton was released, read on for instructions on how to cancel your Disney Plus subscription.

When can you cancel your subscription?

You’re free to cancel your Disney+ subscription at any time- just remember your payment schedule! If you have a monthly payment coming up soon then its best to put your cancellation to the top of your to-do list! If you’ve already paid for the month and cancelled part way through, you’re still able to carry on using the Disney+ service until your next payment would have been due.

How to cancel Disney Plus on browser? online

Fortunately, Disney + is one of the easier subscriptions to cancel. Your best option is to head online (, log in to your account and go to your profile (look for the icon in the top right corner). Then you just have to click the ‘Subscription’ icon, ‘Cancel Subscription’ and ‘Complete Cancellation’. Easy!

How to cancel via iTunes

If you subscribed to Disney+ through iTunes, you’ll need to cancel it through there too. Once you’ve logged, head to the ‘Account’ icon and scroll through the options until you reach ‘Subscriptions, then ‘Manage’. Click the edit button beside your Disney+ subscription and then ‘cancel’.

How to cancel via GooglePlay

As with iTunes, if you set up your subscription with Google Play, that’s where you’ll need to cancel it. Head to the Google Play store, open the menu and hit ‘Subscriptions’. Then hit ‘Cancel Subscription’ next to the Disney+ icon. Nice and easy- just make sure you’re signed into the right Google Account!

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