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Getting Broadband When You Have Bad Credit

By Alex Tofts

Although it’s not as difficult as applying for a loan or a credit card you could be at a disadvantage when switching broadband providers if you have a poor credit history.

Many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are likely to use credit-scoring methods to assess a new customer. Essentially, they want peace of mind that their monthly bill will be paid on time and for the duration of that contract.

It’s not a hard and fast rule. If your credit score is low some providers may still be happy to offer you a contract, so you can try signing up anyway.

But if you’re struggling to find a suitable service, there are broadband with no credit check deals that don’t require you to pass a credit check. This means you won’t be turned away broadband if you’ve got bad credit, CCJs or if you’re on a Debt Management Plan (DMP).

Which Providers have no credit check?


With an excellent reputation for customer support, Plusnet has low set-up costs and doesn’t require a credit check on any of its broadband deals. Options for contract lengths vary between 12-and 18 months.


With scope for no-contract deals (rolling monthly packages), NOW will only ask you to cover the cost of set-up. New customers aren’t subject to a credit check. The only financial confirmation they’ll require is a 10p balance on your bank account, which will be debited and then credited back when signing up.

Direct Save Telecom

DST runs off the Openreach (BT) network, though unlike BT’s standard packages doesn’t run a credit check on new customers. Direct Save Telecom also offers No Contract Internet with unlimited broadband data usage. It’s worth noting though, that a DST requires you to take one of three calling plans; Pay per use calls, Free Evening & Weekends, or Free Anytime, and these will be charged additionally.

BT Home Essentials

Specifically aimed toward low-income customers, you can sign up for BT Home Essentials if you’re receiving Universal Credit, Pension Credit, Employment and Support Allowance, Jobseeker’s Allowance or Income Support. There’s no credit check but you’ll need to provide your National Insurance Number to prove you’re eligible.

How do broadband for bad credit deals work?

Signing up for a broadband deal without credit check doesn’t mean you’re skimping on any other features. The service and installation are identical with a similar choice of deals to competitor packages. Most broadband deals with no credit check packages will still include a free Wi-Fi router and it will just be a case of signing up and waiting for installation. You’ll still have access to the same level of support and benefits as customers on a credit-checked contract.

How can I check if I have bad credit?

If you’re unsure of your credit status and want to check up on this before you start looking into your broadband options, you can request your credit reference file from one of three agencies:

It’s important to remember these reference files will not provide you with your “credit score". Credit scores are calculated based on a method using the content of these reports and each of these three uses a slightly different scoring model so it’s a good idea to check the information they have on you is accurate and complete.

Where do you find these deals?

The easiest way to quickly find broadband deals with no credit check is to use a broadband comparison site. By using a postcode checker you’ll quickly be able to see all the deals that are available in your area, compare features, price, speed and any current offers and incentives.

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