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Financial Education: Wake Up to Money

By Lulu Meade

Keeping up with financial news can be a little overwhelming, but there are plenty of resources out there to help. Wake up to money is a long-standing radio show on BBC Radio 5 Live, which shares the news and views on personal finance.

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What is Wake Up To Money?

Wake Up to Money began back in 1994, and airs from 5:00 - 6:00 am every weekday. The show covers the FTSE 100 Index shares news, commodities prices and currencies markets. Adam Parsons also shares his insights on personal finance and there are often guests from industry trade groups, government economic organisations, watchdogs and universities, providing a range of opinions on plenty of interesting topics. This is a great regular update on the financial world- and if you don’t fancy the early morning, it’s available to catch up on BBC Sounds!

Other great finance Podcasts

best finance podcasts

If you’re already a fan of Wake Up to Money, or just fancy checking out your other options, here are a few other great shows to keep you up to date.

Money Box

Money Box is a weekly personal finance show, also run by the BBC, which also hosts a live show where users can call in to have their financial questions answered. They discuss everything from retirement plans to problems COVID-19 has raised for working parents and explain concepts like compound interest. You can have a browse of the previous episodes here.

Money on Your Mind Podcast

If financial education is your jam then check out Nova’s very own podcast: Money on Your Mind. In the show, we aim to tell you exactly what you need to know about your brain and your spending habits in an accessible format. Learn tricks, facts and advice to help you budget, save money and reach your financial goals. Give it a whirl here.

So Money Podcast

So Money is another podcast, this one designed to explore financial strategies. Host Famoosh Torabi invites guests on to discuss their financial journeys. The Friday episode also has room to answer listener’s questions on personal finances, careers or on the latest guests- great for a personal touch. Check it out here.

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