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How to Cancel The Gym Membership

By Lulu Meade

Cancelling your membership to TheGym group

Whether it was a New Year’s Resolution you’re straying from or if you’ve just read our article on the benefits of at-home workouts, I’m here to guide you through cancelling your gym membership!

If you’re cancelling in the first 14 days…

As per the joining agreement, you can cancel your membership without giving a reason within the first 2 weeks of joining.

You can cancel your subscription over email via or you can use the cancellation form online at You could also get in touch through the Member Area using the email used when you first joined and the unique PIN you were sent.

If you’re cancelling after the first 14 days…

If instead, you wish to cancel your membership more than two weeks after joining, the best thing to do is to contact your bank and cancel your direct debit payments. That will immediately end your membership- you won’t get any refunds, but no more money will come out of your account.

Don’t get stuck paying for memberships you no longer use or want! If you have any further problems ending your membership then drop The Gym an email at

Can I freeze my membership?

Whilst The Gym was closed due to the pandemic, all memberships were frozen. Once they reopen, members have been given the option to freeze their membership for a further month for free. You can extend the freeze for a small charge if you’re not ready to return to The Gym.

For details of how to cancel other memberships, check out our articles on cancelling your Now TV membership and the postcode lottery.

Reviewing your memberships and subscriptions is always a good idea when it comes to taking control of your finances. If you’re looking for better ways to monitor your bills and spending check out the free Cash Coach app. Start your financial journey now!

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