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7 Vegan Gifts for Under £5

By Kirthana Devaser

Being vegan nor does gifting a vegan need to be expensive. Whether it is a gesture of goodwill or a Christmas gift, here are 5 vegan gift options under £5 if you are looking to get a special vegan in your life a little something!

Vegan Chocolate

Vegan Chocolate

Not all Dark Chocolate is necessarily vegan, and not all milk chocolate is unsuitable for a vegan! Why not check out Galaxy’s latest range of vegan chocolate? The chocolate bars come in three flavours and cost approximately £3 each. These can be easily found in your local Asda or Tesco. Besides that, Nomo offers a delicious range of affordable vegan chocolate bars. These vegan chocolate bars come in a variety of flavours and can be found in your local supermarket (Sainsbury’s,Tesco, Asda) and cost approximately £2 each. What are you waiting for? Get your hands on these affordable vegan chocolate options!


Vegan Sweets

vegan sweet

Almost everyone can appreciate sweets and candy. A lot of the gummies and sweets sold contain pork or beef gelatin. Not to worry, I’m here to help point you in the right direction! Sainsbury’s sells a beautiful bottle of vegan heart gummies for only £4! Besides an array of gummies, Asda sells Vegan Candy Canes as well as Vegan Marshmallows, for only £0.89 and £2 respectively. Check your local supermarket’s website to check the full range of vegan sweets offered.

Vegan Makeup

Vegan Makeup

There is plenty of vegan, cruelty-free makeup in the market these days. One of the most affordable and accessible brands would be elf cosmetics. This brand can be found in your local drugstore e.g. Boots, Superdrug. Elf Cosmetics currently offers free shipping on their own website, check it out before this deal ends. From concealer to finishing powder, even eyeshadow and foundation! The variety is incredible for under £5.


Vegan Shampoo Bars

Vegan Shampoo

Whether you are looking for a cruelty-free option or an eco-friendly one, this is a great alternative to conventional shampoo! Most people need 2-3 strokes per wash and the bar is said to last between 80-100 washes. This is equivalent to 3 250ml bottles! Thus, you are not only being vegan conscious, but you are also saving money. An ideal vegan shampoo bar alternative can be found in both Boots and Sainsbury’s. A bar at Sainsbury’s costs approximately £4.50. This is such an easy and considerate gift.

Vegan Cookbook
Affrodable vegan gifts

Cooking is a great way to save money (check out more money saving tips here), and what better gift to get someone to help them on their journey of financial independence. Waterstones’ sells a variety of cookbooks that cater to veganism. Here is an example of a cookbook that consists of 200 vegan recipes for only £4.99! You could also purchase a vegan cookbook for as low as £1.99, you can find the book here. Head to your local Waterstones’ or pick click & collect or safe delivery via the online store.

Vegan Sanitizer

vegan gifts

Whilst the new normal consists of carrying bottles of hand sanitizers with us, it’s best to find an option that caters to vegans too. A lot of hand sanitizer brands are not cruelty-free, thus not making these products vegan. Not to fear, I have found a great vegan alternative to these big brands! The Body Shop sells scented vegan sanitizers that cost £2.50. These vegan sanitizers come in the fragrance of Mango or Coconut, take your pick. This is a great gift option to consider in such times, and it is absolutely affordable!

Vegan Handcream

vegan gift ideas

With the amount of hand-washing and sanitizing we do on a daily basis these days, our skin is bound to become dry and cracked. Hand-cream is a very practical and thoughtful choice of gift during this time. The Body Shop has a range of vegan hand-cream for dry, sensitive and dehydrated skin that begin at £5. The range comes in different scents including strawberry, coconut, mango and vanilla pumpkin. You can find the range here.

I hope this list helps you look for the perfect vegan gift! If you are looking for affordable eco-friendly gifts or alternatives, this article would be very helpful. Remember to download Nova to keep track of your finances and start your journey of financial freedom. Don’t wait for payday to download it, start today! Good luck 😎

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