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6 Must Know Travel Hacks to Help You Save Money

By Kirthana Devaser

Covid-19 has put a lot of our 20201-2021 goals on hold! Here are some cheap travel hacks to get you ready for your next adventure, be it locally or abroad when borders choose to open.

Make Overnight Travel Your Best Friend

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Be it a night flight or bus/train ride, a night travelling saves you a night on accommodation! According to Budget Your Trip, the average individual on a cheap budget would spend approximately £33 a night on accommodation in London. The average accommodation costs £27/night in Amsterdam. An overnight ticket on Flixbus from London to Amsterdam would have cost you approximately £40 in October 2020. This would save you about £33 by spending the night to travel instead of spending a night in London. The ticket itself is cheaper than the average night in London, and it also gets you to another country. Win-win if you ask me!

Long Layovers Will Let You Tick off Countries on Your Bucket List

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En route to Bali with a transit in Singapore? Visiting the world’s most expensive city doesn’t require a ton of money if you are looking to just experience it for the day. Simply pick a flight with a long layover to spend the day in the city. Preferably a layover of at least 8 hours. Not all countries offer this option, but plenty do. As long as you do not require a visa to enter or have a visa to do so, most countries are flexible and allow travellers to enjoy long layovers in the city. Visiting places like Singapore or the United Arab Emirates has never been more achievable.

Free Walking Tours

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Get your walking shoes on cause this is the best and cheapest way to explore a brand new city! Sandemans is a popular option used in Europe. Strawberry Tours is a company that offers a variety of free tours around the globe. Besides the knowledge from the tour and much needed workout, you are bound to make friends during these tours. Maybe give a bike tour a try, they can be quite common and economically friendly in some countries such as the Netherlands! Who doesn’t want travel buddies or better still, a holiday romance? **wink wink**

Your Student ID Will Never Be More Useful
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If your student ID does not have an expiration date, you have hit the jackpot. If you still look like your student self, OWN IT. Don’t deprive yourself of the benefits that come with being a student. Meal deals, public transport savings, attraction discounts, the list is endless. Some museums even allow students to enter for FREE!

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Couchsurfing isn’t just about free accommodation. It allows you to interact with locals who can show you the country, the local way. The likelihood of escaping tourist traps is very high when you have a local host willing to show you his/her city. Escaping tourist traps saves a lot of money. Food, Culture, and accommodation? What more could you ask for!

A local sim card will save you more money than you think

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Data roaming costs can be exorbitant! Even more so when you forget to turn off your data abroad or search Google Maps out of habit when lost. A lot of apps work in the background regardless of phone usage, so data is used whether you like it or not. To avoid the hassle, invest in a local sim card. Some countries such as Singapore offer tourists amazing sim deals for as low as £7 for 100GB of internet and more. Get a local sim card and get lost without worrying about excessive phone bill charges.

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