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6 Beneficial Gifts To Grab This Christmas 2020

By Kirthana Devaser

Everyone loves receiving gifts, but how often are our gifts truly beneficial? I’m talking about beneficial to your net-worth, physical health, even your mental health? More often than not, it is the novelty of the gift that brings joy, not the benefit of it. A Christmas jumper that costs £30 off Amazon may be worn a couple of times, but the gift ideas in this list will benefit anyone for more than just the holiday season, it will be beneficial for the long-run!

Ergonomic Laptop Stand

corner computer desk

This year’s work from home transition may have caused a bad neck and back epidemic during this pandemic. The Institute for Employment Studies disclosed a 2020 poll conducted by the institute revealed 58% and 55% of respondents experienced new aches and pains in their necks and backs (respectively) since switching to work from home.

An ergonomic laptop stand will help aid these aches and likely prevent future aches. Not only will you be aiding someone’s health, but this will inherently increase productivity too. Here are a couple of recommendations for less than £15:

  1. Lidasen Laptop Stand
  2. Babacom Laptop Stand
  3. Bikien Laptop Stand
  4. Fellowes I-Spire Series Portable

This laptop stand may just be someone’s long awaited Christmas miracle this year. What are you waiting for?

Meal Pack Plan

meal prep container

It is a fact that the U.K. takeaway sector is a multibillion dollar industry. According to Statista,  households spend an average of over £5 weekly on takeouts. With the rise of UberEats, Deliveroo and many more, there is no real need to cook or learn to cook to begin with. Adulting can be difficult and when food is but an app away, cooking may be intimidating to many. A lot of the time, people do not know how to repurpose ingredients and find meal planning very time consuming. However, you could save a huge amount of money from cooking your own meals. I have the perfect idea for your Christmas solution!

Sorted Club is a great meal pack initiative that is catered to help the average person learn to cook quick midweek gourmet meals for 2 or 4 pax. It is an app that comes with weekly meal packs to choose from - users are allowed to choose a pack a week, and you will receive both written and audible instructions to help you through the entire process. Best of all, you will receive a grocery list along with your meal pack that smartly combines ingredients in the recipes to save you money, and eliminate food wastage! Friend’s a vegetarian? Not to worry! They have plenty of vegetarian packs to choose from.  It only costs £4.99 monthly or £49.99 annually. They also have Christmas Gift Options that you can check out here that include offers on the meal packs as well as recipe books.

This is a great initiative to increase productivity whilst saving money and reducing food waste! I’m sure you have someone in mind who could benefit from this.

Encourage a Hobby

hobby craft

Hobbies are a great way to relieve stress. Some people enjoy painting, others may enjoy knitting or even learning a new skill. Whatever it may be, you should nurture positive habits. Here are some classes that you could consider buying as a gift this holiday season:

  1. Proko Art Courses
  2. Gordon Ramsay Cooking Classes
  3. Chess Master Class with Gary Kasparov
  4. Zero to Hero in Python (Bootcamp)
Financial Education
financial education

Financial illiteracy is more prevalent than we know. A 2020 survey reported by Business Insider found that 9 in 10 consumers in the UK feel they are undereducated in terms of financial education. 72% of consumers reported they do not invest in stocks and shares or investment funds, with nearly a fifth stating they do not know how to.

Are you looking for a unique gift to help increase net-worth, keep on top of personal finance and improve financial literacy? Look no further! Nova is the UK’s first gamified saving app. It is catered to help millennials keep track of their finances in a fun way.

Your in-app avatar levels up as you improve your spending habits. Your interactive AI-coach will help you along the way and crunch the numbers for you whilst you build wealth and kill debt in real-life! It is simple and it works.

You can offer a gift card consisting of a year’s subscription to the Premium Plan for only £35.99. The premium plan features unlimited transaction history, stats for geeks, all AI personalities, bill monitoring and priority support.  The return on investment would be an increased net-worth, priceless financial education and most importantly, financial freedom at no extra cost!

There are courses on the internet that provide crash courses to simplify jargon and make personal finance an enjoyable journey. These courses can be found for as low as £13 this Christmas, but could possibly help someone increase their net-worth tenfold. Here are some courses to get you started:

  1. Udemy’s Personal Finance Crash Course
  2. Financial Management Masterclass 
  3. The Complete Value Investing Masterclass
online sport class

Health should be a priority to all. With ClassPass, you will be able to give someone the chance to book in-studio and at-home fitness classes as well as gym access or book services at top salons and spas nearby. This pass can be purchased from as low as £15!

ClassPass has ensured prioritising safety during Covid-19. Their fitness and wellness partners are implementing new guidelines to protect the health and safety of their users. Safety and cleanliness info of the booked places can be found right on the app! What are you waiting for? This is a great chance to help someone on their fitness journey!

I hope these gift ideas help you find the perfect gift for your loved ones. Tis’ the Season to Save Money, and a Very Wealthy New Year!

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