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10 Best Software Wallets For Cryptocurrency In 2022

By Ann Smith

Crypto wallets are electronic apps that are also known as cold wallets. Crypto wallets store crypto transactions on crypto exchanges. There are many crypto wallets on the web, but not all offer the same level of security.

Moreover, the need for security in your crypto wallets is one of the primary purposes of engaging in cryptocurrencies and transactions. Therefore, several crypto wallets you can use might be the right suit for you.

Nevertheless, don’t go anywhere because, in this article, we will show you the top software wallets you can use for your cryptocurrencies in 2022.

10 Best software wallets you can use for cryptocurrencies this year

1. Guarda

A highly secure wallet is also super user-friendly and allows you to buy, exchange, and even earn via staking with crypto assets. Many may think the Guarda wallet is new and might not be as good, but it has passed many reputation checks and is a highly secure wallet.

Users can access this wallet via the web on their smartphone, Google Chrome, or even on their desktop. However, remember that Guarda wallet’s fees are pretty high, but with its user-friendly experience and high-security levels, it seems worth it.

2. Kraken

Until now, Kraken has managed to keep its wallet fully secure and has never had any hacking experiences. In addition, Kraken provides users full access to crypto wallets for different types of cryptocurrencies and has an easy-to-use interface.

Kraken wallets offer high-security features, including email confirmations, two-factor authentications, time lock settings, and more. However, even though online wallets are considered less secure for holding your cryptocurrencies, Kraken is the most secure.

3. Coinbase Wallet

If you continuously deal with crypto, you have probably heard of Coinbase. Nevertheless, it’s easy to securely and easily access your crypto assets from anywhere you like. Coinbase is considered the base of future money and is creating a global open financial system.

Coinbase operates in over 100 countries and is verified by more than 90 million verified users. Nevertheless, Coinbase has its own built-in wallet that can be downloaded separately and provides an extra level of security for you. The Coinbase wallet allows you to transfer your crypto assets across different wallet addresses with a two-factor security authentication for its transactions.

Nevertheless, even Coinbase pro only charges you minimal fees and is an excellent option for users who have used the software for a while now. How is Coinbase so secure, though? Well, it manages to store 98% of your crypto assets in cold storage, so even if online attackers hack into your crypto assets, they can’t steal more than 2% of your funds!

4. Exodus

Exodus is a friendly, easy-to-use crypto wallet that can manage crypto portfolios with more than 150 supported currencies in one single interface. Nevertheless, the Exodus wallet allows users to buy, trade, and earn profit via staking with their crypto assets.

Nevertheless, cryptocurrencies have their pros and cons. Pros include support for many cryptocurrencies, the ability to earn via crypto staking, and a built-in exchange. Exodus’s only downside is that it isn’t an open-source software.

Furthermore, let’s not forget that the Exodus wallet provides you with hardware wallet support that increases security levels, is customizable, and activates customer support.

5. MetaMask

MetaMask is an easy-to-use wallet that you can use as an extension on your browser. The wallet is considered to be the best alternative to use for investing in Ethereum since it is issued on Ethereum’s blockchain. However, if you want to save on transaction fees, we recommend you buy Ethereum with a credit card on MoonPay and transfer all your funds to Metamask.

Additionally, MetaMask provides private key access which allows you to interact with decentralized apps (Dapps) on the web.

Comparatively, you can consider MetaMask to be the same as a wallet you keep in your pocket. Why so? Because many will consider MetaMask not to be the most secure cryptocurrency but one of the most straightforward ways to connect and use decentralized apps online.

6. Gemini

Gemini is a trending software wallet in the crypto world that allows you to fulfill your trading strategies with its easy-to-use and learn interface. It’s an industry-leading crypto exchange that can be used on desktop and mobile.

Cryptocurrency prices can be tracked with real-time analysis at all times from the comfort of your mobile device. In addition, the app can provide you with alerts of any price fluctuations that require you to act. These alerts are great for informing you of any amendments you need to make to your purchases. This will not only help you increase your profits but also avoid huge losses if the market crashes by any means.

Nevertheless, Gemini is excellent for providing you with large levels of security. All you have to do is stop and create your free account, where you can later purchase cryptocurrencies instantly after that.

7. Trust Wallet

If you’ve invested in cryptocurrencies, you’ve probably heard of the Trust Wallet. The trust Wallet was initially created by Viktor Radchenko but sold the software to Binance in 2018. In short, Binance’s original crypto wallet today is Trust. Nevertheless, all crypto assets you purchase through Binance are powered through the Trust Wallet. However, you must first gain access to the Binance Chain or Binance Smart Chain.

Overall, the Trust Wallet is a secure wallet for storing your cryptocurrencies. It stores currencies in cold storage, so even if an online attacker thought of stealing your crypto assets and succeeded, they’d only be able to steal a tiny percentage of it. However, even getting to this phase is difficult for online attackers, so they would give up first and then try to hack into your precious assets.

Even though there are many pros for trust wallet, the only downside of using the wallet is that it can’t be used on a desktop but only on mobile. However, if we look at it on the bright side, most people worldwide are mobile users, so this isn’t something much to worry about. According to statistics, as of 2022, 92% of the world owns a mobile phone!

8. Mycelium

Mycelium is considered one of the top crypto wallets you can use for your mobile devices because of its high level of security and advanced transactional information. However, Mycelium is a crypto-wallet that puts lots of focus on Bitcoin. Mycelium has been around for nearly 15 years and is one of the best options for both iOS and Android users.

Most people will prefer Mycelium for security and transactional options because they are the wallet’s significant advantages. Furthermore, the app is reproducible, so it can be duplicated, and has many levels of pin protection you can use. Furthermore, here are some advantages of Mycelium:

  • Advanced transactional history that includes important information such as block height, miner fees, inputs/outputs
  • Watch-only mode, which allows users to view trades and stocks, while they block outgoing transactions, and more

9. Electrum

Electrum is an excellent wallet for Bitcoin holders but isn’t the most user-friendly. However, it’s one of the best wallets you can use for Bitcoin. Electrum was created over a decade ago, and it’s one of the oldest crypto wallets in the world. However, a significant advantage of the wallet is that it’s an open-source wallet that allows any developer to audit the codes that drive it, making it a highly secure wallet.

Whenever you use the wallet’s open-source software, it offers many customizable security options. Furthermore, you can create many different types of wallets, such as multi-signature wallets, 2FA wallets, and many other wallets that can offer you a range of flexible options fully dedicated to Bitcoin.

10. BlockFi

The BlockFi Interest Account (BIA) allows you to earn up to over 9% crypto interest via staking. You can create your account in a few minutes and start earning instantly. The best part is that the interest you earn can be paid monthly.

Nevertheless, BlockFi doesn’t ask for any minimum deposit balance, so you can earn interest without having any deposit requirements. Withdrawals will often function the same way, but BlockFi can take up to seven days to process any client fund withdrawals.

Furthermore, some huge advantages of BlockFi are that there aren’t any minimum balances, hidden fees, and more.

Wrapping it all up

That’s about it for this article. These are the top ten software wallets you can use for cryptocurrencies this year. Every year, even more cryptocurrencies are entering the market, making it even more challenging to provide higher levels of securities, especially if you have higher capital stored in your wallet.

Above all, no matter which wallet you choose to use, it’s important you choose wisely and make sure that your wallet is a secure one to use. After all, the more crypto capital you have, the more dangerous it’s to lose.

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