Plan your regular and irregular bills

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Do you find yourself taken aback by unexpected bills, fees, or charges? Are you constantly worried about missing a payment, or struggling at the last minute to find the money? That's no way to live.

You need perfect visibility on your bills, your balance after bills and confirmation that you can pay them all on time.

Nova AI automatically identifies your income, bills, subscriptions to forecast their future payments. You will see with absolute clarity the bills that are left to pay, with the confirmation that you’ll have the right amount of money in the right account.

Ever tried Forecasting?

This system is called Forecasting. You can organise all your upcoming bills as early as possible, make changes if you need to and see how your expenses affect your overall balance and net worth.

Nova is the first financial forecasting app designed to fit the daily life of people like you and me. Think of Nova as your co-pilot forecasting your finances that makes sure you don't get caught off-guard by bills and expenses.

The changes you can expect using Nova

Our customers typically spend their first week familiarising themselves with the forecasting concepts with our Wiki, support team and community.

Once you got the basics, you’ll plan ahead all your bills, set the right amount aside and be alerted whenever a payment isn’t made on time.

In your second month, you’ll feel more financially confident by having all your bills perfectly organised.  You’ll start projecting what you do with the money left, with no fear of missing being caught off guard.

Ultimately, you’ll find that it’s so much easier to forecast your finances than to deal with the consequences of not doing it. You’ll be the boss of your life.

That's our promise and the reason we built this company. 

Recommended plan

We recommend you the Forecast Pro to gain visibility on your next month, and Forecast Unlimited if you’re the kind of person who likes to plan the whole year ahead.

All our plans come with a 1-month free trial where we personally support all our new customers. So you have literally nothing to lose. If you do forecasting right, it will make a difference in your life.

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