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Escape the paycheck to paycheck cycle

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Living each day unsure of whether you'll make it to the next paycheck isn't just stressful, it’s an attack on your self-esteem. You find yourself doubting every financial decision, feeling guilty about purchases you can well afford, and haunted by bills you didn’t see coming.

What if you could flip the script and take control of your money, rather than letting it control you? You need a system that brings clarity to your finances and shows you what lies ahead. 

Ever tried Forecasting?

This system is called Forecasting. We’ve used it in banking to solve the exact problem that you face. It’s actually how all banks and good businesses manage their money.

Nova is the first financial forecasting app designed to fit the daily life of people like you and me. Think of Nova as your co-pilot forecasting your finances that makes sure you won’t run out of money before your next paycheck.

The changes you can expect using Nova

Our customers typically spend their first week familiarising themselves with the forecasting concepts with our Wiki, support team and community.

Once you got the basics, you’ll quickly put them into action. Nova will highlight problems in your forecast in red so you can reorganise problematic expenses. Ending the month in the green will be your first victory.

In your second month, you’ll start reconsidering the expenses that give you more stress than satisfaction. Decluttering your finances will liberate your income so you can do more of the things you like.

Ultimately, you’ll find that it’s so much easier to forecast your finances than to deal with the consequences of not doing it. You’ll be the boss of your life.

That's our promise and the reason we built this company.  

Recommended plan

I recommend you the Forecast Pro to get one month of forecast, which is all you need to make it until the next paycheck.

All our plans come with a 1-month free trial where we personally support all our new customers. So you have literally nothing to lose. If you do it right, forecasting will make a difference in your life.

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