Have a normal life even with irregular income

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Let’s face it, freelancers don’t get paid on time and that’s unfortunately how the industry is. Are you putting your life on hold whenever this happens? You may delay your holidays and personal plans but someone needs to pay the rent.

And once you get paid, don’t forget to save the right amount for your HMRC self-assessment, you don’t want to have trouble with them.

Unless you want to spend your time stressing about your cash flows, you need a system that helps you keep a normal life despite having irregular finances.

Ever tried Forecasting?

This system is called Forecasting. I’ve used it in banking to solve the exact problem that you face. It’s actually how all banks and good businesses manage their money.

Nova is the first financial forecasting app freelancers like you can use to have clarity on their future cash flows: invoices, taxes, bills and what’s left to achieve your personal goals.

The changes you can expect using Nova

Our customers typically spend their first week familiarising themselves with the forecasting concepts with our Wiki, support team and community.

Once you got the basics, you can start conservatively forecasting your invoice amount, payment dates and resulting taxes for the quarter and year. This will give you immediate clarity on your future cash flows and what you’ll be able to afford.

In your second month, you’ll start playing with the dates of your invoices to test the limit of your financial resiliency. That will tell how much cash you should keep aside to keep living your life even when paid late.

Ultimately, you’ll find that it’s so much easier to forecast your finances than to deal with the uncertainty of not doing it. You’ll be the boss of your life.

That's our promise and the reason we built this company. 

Recommended plan

I recommend you Forecast Unlimited which you can mark as a business expense.

All our plans come with a 1-month free trial where I personally support all our new customers. So you have literally nothing to lose. I’m doing this because we know that if you do it right, forecasting will make a difference in your life.

Sam Abrika
Sam Abrika
Co-founder & CEO, Nova Money

Managed $1tn liquidity forecasting model at UBS
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