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Nova is the only app that rewards you with cryptocurrency every time you save money and build good financial habits

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What is a Novacoin?

Novacoin is a cryptocurrency on the stellar network that is earned by reaching your savings goals on the Nova Money app.

How does it work?

Nova Money is an app that allows you to create savings goals to stay motivated and avoid spending on things you don’t need. With the help of AI, the app can assess your financial situation and create an individual plan tailored to you. The amount of Novacoin you can earn depends on your savings performance on the app; a better, more consistent savings performance that is in line with your savings goals will result in a higher amount of the token earned.

Basic Economics of the Token

Novacoin is a tradable token that will be capped at a predetermined value. This means that there is a limited amount of coins that can be issued, and the coin rewards will decrease over time (thereby utilising a deflationary price model for the coin, similar to most other cryptocurrencies). We aim to be listed on the Binance exchange as a tradeable asset, and will be announcing our ICO at a later date

Uses of a Novacoin

Upgrade to the premium version of Nova Money, which comes with its own more advanced set of features and upgrades to the AI

Content for customisable avatars in the app, including upgrading avatar features, costume and equipment

Investing or trading with other cryptoassets on listed exchanges like Binance

Once fully launched, it will later be redeemable for free items and even has the potential for external rewards through our partners

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