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Up to half of your employees have nothing left at the end of the month

And they will never tell you any of these:

We know this because we have been speaking with hundreds of millennials earning between £20k to £120k about their financial goals and obstacles. Read our research paper about the financial situation of millennials:

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You have the power to help your staff

A higher salary won’t solve their problem: the more they earn, the more they spend. The problem is financial education: managing money is a skill that universities don’t teach. But you can if you want to!

84% of tech companies help their employees with Financial Planning

Financial education is an essential life skill that is not taught at university. The world's best companies are filling this gap by training their staff. And it works, they achieve higher employee retention, satisfaction and productivity.


Our Approach

We provide financial education through workshops to teach the fundamental personal financial skills that people need to be in control of their money.

We then provide the Nova app to help people plan their financial objectives. The Nova app is the most engaging and comprehensive app for financial planning. It has been elected Product of the Day.

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By adding financial education to your training program, you can:

  • Lower the financial stress and anxiety of your personnel
  • Increase employee retention and satisfaction
  • Increase self- confidence, numerical and planning skills

We believe that everybody deserves access to financial education and would love to speak to you if you want to know more about how we can help.

Meet our CEO

Sam Abrika
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Sam Abrika

I used to work in investment banking, my job was to make sure that the bank had enough funding and cash to survive the next financial crisis. That’s where I learned about investing and how money works.

I also realised that the biggest of all inequalities between the rich and the poor is the gap in financial knowledge.

So I decided to create Nova Money AI to share all the financial wisdom I’ve learnt.

Time is money.
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